Sunscape - s/t. 1999 Italy

Here's another installment of  the 90's Italian progressive renaissance. This one comes from the tail end of the decade, and is geared more towards space rock. Mellow turned up all sorts of interesting acts in the 90s, and their catalog is a good place to start if looking for other such gems (we have a few already listed here on UMR). But do your homework first, not everything is up to par on the label.

Though originally marketed as an Ozric Tentacles styled group, Sunscape were more tuned into both the modern space rock scene, as well as the original 1970s cosmic Krautrock movement. Perhaps the only other band from Italy similar to Sunscape during this era were the unorganized and unpredictable band Mary Newsletter. I also hear elements of Porcupine Tree, Groovector (Finland), and a bit of the aforementioned Ozric. The guitarist dominates and is supplemented nicely by modern synthesizers, flute, hand percussion, didgeridoo, and occasional voice (both male and female). A promising debut from a band who disappeared all too quickly. Hopefully they will reform for an encore.

Personal collection
CD: 1999 Mellow

Last listen: 2013

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