November - En ny tid är här... 1970 Sweden

Jag fick blues, jag fick dem riktigt dålig. I plugged the English version into Google Translate, and that's what I got back. Probably lost in translation, but it does work if you translate it back to English. And while I'm goofing around with Translate, the album translates to A New Era is Here. Nice. Also predictive.

What's interesting to me, is that seemingly every band in Sweden since about 2005 or so has desperately tried to sound like this very album. What November did was basically take the UK heavy blues rock sound of Cream, Led Zeppelin, et al, added Swedish vocals (a plus as far as I'm concerned), and made it entirely their own concoction. This is guitar fronted trio (and a bit of flute) standard hard rock with a blues foundation and excellent vocals. No monkeying around with advanced structures, or avant garde ideas. Just burger and fries. This is ground zero for Swedish hard rock. And to think they would even get better from here, and beyond their namesake (Saga in particular). Classic stuff.

Personal collection
CD: 1993 Sonet

I believe the 1993 release is the only legit CD reissue. It's bare bones but sounds excellent.

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