Catherine Ribeiro + 2 Bis - s/t. 1969 France

One can only wonder how a beautiful actress and fashion model ends up releasing one of the most extraordinary avant garde rock works of the late 60s. Perhaps one should not ask lest they be missing key body parts to procreate. This could not happen in America. It had to happen in France. Right there, one imagines a quick camera panning over to David Childress and he says in his uber-dork voice "It's obvious. It must be aliens...."

There are two ways to approach Catherine Ribeiro + 2 Bis. 1) As an alternate universe music choice as created by the eternal consciousness.  2) Run. Run far away. She is the single most dangerous girlfriend in the world.

Femme fatale of the unhinged psychedelic underground. Keep the lights on. Make sure your friends and neighbors know where you are at all times.

Personal collection
LP: 1969 Festival
CD: 2015 Mercury as part of Intégrale Des Albums Originaux 1969-1980 9 CD set

Until 2015, this album sadly remained without a CD reissue. Even though I already owned 4 of her albums on separate CDs, I had to have the box set just for the first two albums if nothing else. Originals have become scarce. I bought mine at the famous Paris Clignancourt flea market over 25 years ago for a few dollars. I saw more copies too while there. A different era...

I just received a most intriguing e-mail from the Seine-Saint-Denis Tourist board asking that I publish a couple of useful sites regarding record stores in the flea market area. A very reasonable request, and here they are: and


  1. Clignancourt and Andre's tent was the place of purchase for my copy as well. A mint one for the equivalent of 10 euros approximately (in French francs). Those were the glorious times before the internet days, when bargains could still be scored by the connoisseurs...

    1. Treasured memories for sure. The excitement and exhilaration of walking into a new record store, knowing you might be the first one looking for that rare record... Thank goodness we were at the vanguard.


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