AirSculpture - TranceAtlantic. 2005 England

Of the 3 prominent UK based Berlin School electronic revivalist groups, AirSculpture were the most purest. That is to say, they never ventured beyond the keyboard trio format. No forays into space rock, or modern electronics. No real drums, or electric guitar. Nope - just synthesizers. So for my tastes, they were the least interesting of the bunch, though I own all their works to the point of this album, as they certainly are very good at what they do.

Playing on another popular theme, this is AirSculpture's trip-to-the-USA album. Whereas fellow countrymen Radio Massacre International weighed in with Solid States, an album highly influenced by Tangerine Dream's Encore, AirSculpture's schtick was the use of acoustic piano that was procured for them onshore. Which I quite liked personally, and a rare deviation for the group. Piano is an instrument that works well in electronic music, providing the warmth and elegance missing in what can be a sterile genre if not done correctly. The album is over two hours long, and each disc opens with a lengthy piano section (I didn't time them, but they're not too long, just the right amount), followed by sequencers, and later, improvisations. That was their stated intention, and pretty much that's what these live concerts are. Two hours is a lot of music, so it's not the kind of album that captures your undivided attention for long stretches. It works better as a soundtrack to a country drive in the evening, or a quiet Sunday afternoon of introspection.

TranceAtlantic was pretty much the last hurrah for AirSculpture from a traditional release standpoint. It was their final CD release for Neu Harmony. The band is still active, releasing only downloads and CD-R albums, which is a pity (there are a couple of exceptions). I stopped here with AirSculpture as well, as it didn't seem the band were going to progress beyond the boundaries they set for themselves. Not necessarily a fair statement, since I haven't heard their albums of the last 12 years, but one based on observations of their first decade together.

Personal collection
CD: 1997 Neu Harmony (UK)

This is a 2 CD set.

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