Tetragon - Stretch. 1971 Germany (archival)

Stretch was to be the second album from Tetragon, and the third when considering Trikolon. This bunch never were what I would consider a classic Krautrock band. Definitely more of an English vibe. Colosseum is certainly one guidepost. But even more so, from the beginning with Trikolon, keyboardist Hendrik Schaper was heavily influenced by a one Brian Auger. The two cover tracks are the same ones Auger had recorded recently ('Listen Here' and 'Dragon Song'). But where Tetragon earn their namesake shape is the performance and the orientation. This is Brian Auger for the instrumental prog rock set. And while the music certainly is jammy in nature, it is remarkable how composition acumen is continually portrayed. 5 long instrumental tracks is a recipe for boredom, and yet Tetragon are anything but. Since this album was completely in the can and ready to be released, you are getting far more than the usual archival release here. It's as if a new treasure had been found in the caves. Not one to miss.

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CD: 2009 Garden of Delights

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