Tabletom - Mezclalina. 1980 Spain

Such a strange little album, perhaps mirroring the surrealistic cover. On the surface, Tabletom seem to opt for a light, Spanish flavored, jazz rock sound. Flute is the initial featured instrument of choice. Then comes these crunchy power chord guitars, and irregular flamenco style rhythms. Violin and sax also make appearances. The vocalist reminds me of some of the more gravelly Italian guys as found on Jumbo or Odissea. It takes a bit to get into, but this one has a lot to recommend. The last 9 minute track is a barnburner. I had thrown the Mezquita name out in the past, but that's a bit misleading, as Tabletom aren't quite as Andalusian influenced as that may imply. They had a few albums after this debut, but I understand they are of less interest, but don't know for certain. Great Dali-esque cover.

Personal collection
LP: 1980 RCA

Still not on CD as I write this entry.

Last listen: June 29, 2009

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