Syd Arthur - Apricity. 2016 England

Apricity is the 3rd album from Syd Arthur and sees the band shifting away from late 60s/early 70s Canterbury style prog rock, to one of a more modern band. They still retain their "Englishness" as it were, and the vocals still possess that Richard Sinclair soft affectation. But it's applied differently. Syd Arthur has bet the farm on their ability to craft a good song, because they are no longer obfuscating it with instrumental flights of fancy. Which for this author is a bit of a disappointment. 10 tracks in the 4 minute range, without much variation within, is a tall order and there are times the album tends to blend together. Admittedly they do have a knack for penning thoughtful compositions. In some ways they are to the Canterbury scene what Stereolab was to Krautrock. That is, there's no denying it's a modern interpretation, but it does not lack for charm. All the same, I'd like to see the band return to a progressive rock slant, where they mix the best of both worlds.

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CD: 2016 Harvest (USA)

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