Promenade - Noi al Dir di Noi. 2016 Italy

Promenade are a band from Genoa, and Noi al dir di Noi is their debut. The album has been pitched as an Italian prog take on Canterbury, similar to perhaps the first Picchio dal Pozzo. So I had huge hopes this would fall in line with similarly minded new groups like Moogg and Homunculus Res. Uhh... no. The opening move 'Ahtletics' is a barnburner with that wacky RIO strain of circus/cartoon styled music. References to anyone from Samla Mammas Manna to Miriodor to Yugen wouldn't be out of place. And while that wasn't exactly what I was hoping to hear, it turns out to be their best style that they revisited a couple of other places throughout. Otherwise, this is pretty much straightforward indie rock. Seriously. I fear to say that I vigorously disagree with some of the reviews I've read. There is very little classic Italian progressive rock within, if at all. I've given this one a few really detailed listens (when you have a 20 hour flight to Thailand, there isn't much else to do...). It's very rare these days for me to thumbs-down a new release - primarily because all the reviews and tools we have at our disposal to research - but this one passed the filters only to find out it wasn't at all to my taste. File under indie avant-prog. Sell bin. Sorry.

Personal collection
None... sold the CD (2016 Fading)

Too bad it has to be sold, as the CD is housed in a wonderful thick tri-fold digi-pak. The album was released on Alt Rock's Fading label, which is geared towards more traditional progressive rock. IMO, this should have been on the parent label.

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