Napoli Centrale - Mattanza. 1976 Italy

Napoli Centrale's Mattanza is an intriguing sophomore effort. This is jazz fusion with the pendulum swinging far to the jazz side of the equation. The gruff vocals are still present, often in scat form. At times, there's a late night John Coltrane vibe that permeates throughout, especially on Side 2. Some of the sax sequences get a bit shrieky for this listener, but for those predisposed to that sort of sound, I can imagine that would only add points. For my tastes, there are much better jazz rock oriented albums from Italy. I can let this one go.

Personal collection
None... sold the CD (2001 BMG)


  1. The trouble with this one is, it doesn't have that infectious groove the debut album has. When I've listened to that one, I can't stop nodding my head and tapping my foot for days :-)

  2. Good point Bas! It's been awhile since I've revisited the debut, which I own both LP and CD. I sense that title will go further up for me as well!


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