Korai Orom - s/t. 1995 Hungary

Korai Öröm's debut, from over 20 years ago, laid down the blueprint that the band continually draws upon to this very day. They were at once influenced by the UK Festival Psych scene, as well as many of the free spirited dance cultures that came about in the 90s. In effect, Korai Öröm are an organic chill out band. While they certainly do utilize electronics as a core component, the separation aspect is the use of real rock band instruments. In particular the electric guitar is a centerpiece, and often times played with in a fiery fuzz tone manner, and sometimes in high octane mode, which creates excitement within the generally low key "chill" environment. The unusual use of trumpet is also a fascinating addition to their sound. The musical themes often borrow from Western Asian and Australasian indigenous traditions, the latter represented by the heavy use of didgeridoo. On their debut, I'm most reminded of Ship of Fools, a band that arrived late to the UK Festival Psych scene and had a similar approach to crossing over with dance. The main drawback on this debut, is that Korai Öröm stretch their ideas a bit too far, and often times boredom ensues. The group were still finding their identity at this point, and hadn't quite seen their potential yet as a dynamic psychedelic rock unit. All the same, there's a solid 30 to 35 minutes here of excellent music (out of 55), and if you're a fan of the band, it's a must pick up. They were to improve from here. Exponentially in fact.

Personal collection
CD: 1995 private

I bought the CD not long after release, and have picked up every new album since. So yes, definitely a fan here.

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