Gotic - Gegants i Serpentines. 1978 Spain (archival)

Gotic’s second album, never released in its day and forever bootlegged it seemed, has finally seen the light of day courtesy of the band themselves. Well worth the wait, as Gegants I Serpentines is a worthy successor to the fantastic Escenes. Perhaps a bit more typical in the fusion department, as was protocol for the day. But there are also a couple of tracks that amp up the progressive quotient, with a bit more variety and meter shifts within each track. No worry though, the happy and magical melodies of the debut are carried forth here, while flute, keyboards, and guitar are still front and center. In fact, the guitar is more fuzzed out than prior. Highly recommended.

Personal collection
CD: 2016 private

There are a couple of releases for this album (legit that is, not counting bootlegs), the first as a CD-R, and the second as a fully pressed CD (which I own). The latter has the catalog number of CDR-001 (oh brother!). Be sure to inquire first, as obviously the factory pressed CD is the better asset for the long term. The tri-fold digi-pak is fantastic, no matter which version you buy.

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