Goat - Requiem. 2016 Sweden

Mid 1970s Embryo, Archimedes Badkar, and Kebnekaise all mashed up and distilled for the modern age. I dig it. Immensely so.

So the above represented by quick scratch off review. In listening again, I don't have that much more to add. Clearly the band are about indigenous ancient traditions, mixed with the psychedelic. Mostly African, but also the original inhabitants of South America too. My initial 3 bands listed above all have history with recording music with African musicians, and/or at least focusing on the continent exclusively. I would also add Los Jaivas to this mix as a good representation of South America. Then I'd add a bit of Flasket Brinner, when Goat turn on the psychedelic aspect of their sound. The album runs the gamut of the 1970s, where the first part of the decade is psych oriented, and the latter half of the decade was more into the exploratory spirit of World Fusion. While I'll maintain my 4 star rating, I have two small complaints that hold it back from being an even higher rating. 1) Some of the instrumentals have an excellent premise that they do little with. 'Temple Rhythms' in particular is just screaming for some guitar soloing. The tribal drums and wood flutes provide the perfect backdrop. But rather it just repeats itself rather than progress. I'm sure that's the point - to create a trance like state. But for this listener, it would have been devastating to hear it developed. 2) The female vocals here sound like annoying wails rather anything associated with singing. To be honest, it sounds bitchy as opposed to transcendental. Fortunately the album isn't dominated by them.

Small gripes to an otherwise excellent release. I love that modern bands are revisiting these musical areas that were abandoned all too quickly back in the day.

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CD: 2016 Sub Pop (USA)

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