Galactic Supermarket - s/t. 1974 Germany

Galactic Supermarket - s/t. 1974 Kosmische Musik

LP reissues: 1975 Cosmic Music (France); 1976 PDU (Italy); 1997 Spalax (France)

CD reissues: 1994 Spalax (France); 1995 Nexus (Japan); 2000 Nexus (Japan)

As good a place as any to jump in on the happenin' Berlin Kosmische Kourier Musik scene. A non-stop peak experience with roaring guitars, swirling synthesizers, pulsating bass, frantic drums, and echoed female vocals. Moment-in-time live jamming that perfectly captures the ethos of a bygone era. Mandatory.

I first bought the original LP back in 1988 from a long gone mail order dealer, and the first CD (digi-pak) when it first hit the shelves. And never looked back.

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