Four Levels of Existence - s/t. 1976 Greece

The Four Levels of Existence are at once ahead of their time... and behind. On a cursory listen, one can hear a ferocious modern styled hard rocking album along the lines of Icecross or fellow countrymen Socrates Drank the Conium. But a more careful study reveals that of a late 60s garage band, somewhat like the primitive grass roots American bands that emerged during that tumultuous era. The songwriting is not one of the levels of existence apparently. Most of the tracks begin to blur together, as they feature the same loud dynamic. Non stop fuzz guitar, slightly higher pitched vocals and standard drum fills define this highly collectible work. It sticks out primarily due to the time and place. Not essential, but a good one for late psych / hard rock genre fans.

Personal collection
CD: 2005 Lion (USA)

Originals are hyper rare and expensive. Even the LP reissues are going for decent money now, though I don't recall getting that much for mine which I sold off less than a decade ago. The CD version comes with excellent liner notes penned by the band.

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