Flight - s/t. 1975 USA

Flight - s/t. 1975 Capitol

No reissues!

Flight were a Florida based progressive rock/fusion band with mellotron, Moog, guitar, trumpet, and quite a bit of kinetic energy. This is one of the most confused releases from a most confused time in American history (think Gerald Ford and hyper inflation). The album opens up as if Starcastle had decided to sound like Yezda Urfa instead of you-know-who. But then there's trumpet. Trumpet? OK, then. This leads to 'Make a Miracle' which is more like Earth, Wind, and Fire. "Baa-bay, I need you...baa-bay" It's actually quite accomplished for the style. Then how about some fusion runs similar to Mingo Lewis' Flight Never Ending? And so it goes, yo-yo-ing back and forth from insane prog to complicated fusion to radio soul hits. What a cool and dopey album, really. Too sophisticated for chart topping; too mainstream to be an underground cult classic. Can't imagine what the hell Capitol were thinking here. The more I review albums on the Capitol label, the more I wonder just how drugged up were those guys in the 70s? Flight were to get even more bizarrely contrasting on their followup album. Awesome.

Originals are easy to find, though obtaining one without marks and in mintish condition can be a challenge. I finally managed that, and it still cost me all of $7. For some reason Eastworld decided to only reissue their second Incredible Journay, and thus this self titled remains without any reissue.

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