Estes Brothers - Transitions. 1971 USA

Estes Brothers - Transitions. 1971 EDCOM

LP reissue: 1995 Rockadelic

CD reissue: 2002 World in Sound (Germany)

The Estes Brothers (and sisters - there were 12 of them in the family! though the band only featured 2) were from the shores of Lake Erie between Sandusky and Cleveland, right in the middle of steel country, and the epicenter of the gritty working class Midwest. The music fits this scene perfectly. A mix of blues rock and driving hard rock, and translates that feeling of no hope and despair - that ended up being quite accurate historically speaking. 'This Morning' absolutely jams, in the tradition of bands like Cargo (Netherlands), Wishbone Ash, and Man. 'Gary's Thought' adds a bit of Take 5 era Dave Brubeck piano for a cool jazzy vibe to end the day. This album is a good one, and the perfect representation of the blue collar ethos of the time.

Original LPs are extremely rare (4 figures). And both reissues are now long OOP and hard to find as well. I was fortunate to snap up the World in Sound CD recently at a good price. Third photo is the Rockadelic LP. The CD has the single version of Tomorrow's Sunlight as Track 7. There are also 4 live tracks and 3 "at home" recordings appended as bonus tracks.

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