El Reloj - s/t. 1975 Argentina

Like many bands from Argentina, El Reloj had a case of the blues. But they were an impetuous bunch, and didn't have the patience necessary to wallow in their sorrows. So they kicked out the jams instead. More hard rock than progressive, though El Reloj did flash signs of the brilliance to come, as you can hear the guitars working through some more complicated patterns. I had been pretty tough on this album in the past, but a fresh listen demonstrates the album has aged well. A timeless sound.

The 4 bonus singles show that El Reloj could capture their unique sound in a tighter frame. Just as good as the album proper.

Personal collection
CD: 1996 Record Runner (Brazil)

The aforementioned 4 bonus singles were first introduced on the Cronologia CD (2nd scan), and all other reissues have maintained those (best I can tell anyway). As mentioned, I wasn't too keen on this album initially and sold the LP well over 20 years ago. Glad to have revisited the CD, and worth keeping for certain. As for the covers, the Cronologia introduced arguably the better artwork (essentially blowing up the upper left corner section), and the reissues have used either the original or that new one.

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