Claude Léveillée - Black Sun. 1978 Canada

Organic is the best word I can use to describe Black Sun. Hard to believe this rather famous songwriter/composer really never ventured into the progressive rock world before - or after - this album (to my knowledge that is to say). At its best, the album possesses a nice space rock vibe to it like Sensations Fix. The low points are geared towards his electronic oriented music which contains thin sounding string synths but without sequencing or strong melodic content. Some nice guitar work can be found here ala Heldon but not near as fierce (Michel Le Francoise is the main instrumentalist here). Pretty laid back overall.

Personal collection
LP: 1978 Polydor

Not a rare album in original form, but it never did get reissued on CD. While the artist was popular in his day, Black Sun is not representative of his body of work. So it's likely a progressive rock specialist label would have to take care of this one if so desired.

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