Amon Duul II - Phallus Dei. 1969 Germany

I'll let a four decade plus old newspaper article write my review for me today. Süddeutsche Zeitung said once, which happens to be the largest German national subscription daily newspaper according to Wikipedia: "Amon Düül II is a pop band that needn't shy away from comparisons with Pink Floyd or the Velvet Underground, but they are much better, more influential and more progressive than their English and American counterparts." OK then, my work is done here I think....

Personal collection
LP: 1972 Sunset (UK)
CD: 1993 Repertoire
CD: 2006 Revisited

German originals, while hardly common, are actually much easier to find than the UK copy (2nd photo). This is the desired copy among collectors, and is by far the most expensive. I've never owned either. My first copy was the UK Sunset version, that also features a unique cover (photo #3). I found this new in a record store in the mid 80s. I sold it when I first got the CD (1993 version). But I realized recently I had to have it back. It's not terribly expensive either. What's great about this version is the back cover (photo #4), which is hilarious. Sunset was known for releasing adult pop music. What on Earth were they thinking when they put Amon Duul II on the label with the not-too-disguised title of Dick God? I always imagined some old codger with a pipe, getting excited at the strip-mall record store "Look Edna, a new album on Sunset! I got to get this!". Imagine the scene back home. ROFL. As for reissues, they are plentiful,and it's just a matter of preference. I prefer the digi-pak and liner notes of the 2006 release, but I thought the sound of the 93 CD was better. So I kept both.

Last listen: June 14, 2016

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