Agusa - Katarsis. 2016 Sweden

Agusa's first live album, and third album overall, sees the band do what they do best: Jam. Recorded in Greece, and released on CD in the same country, this was obviously a planned event and Agusa clearly prepared heavily for it - meaning the band is sharp on all fronts. The material is culled from two tracks taken from their debut. Both are stretched considerably here, especially 'Kärlek Från Agusa' which was only a short bonus track on the original. Musically, the band hasn't changed one iota. This is 1972 Sweden brought forth and distilled for the modern age. Folk based melodies, progressive rock structures and changes, with psychedelic sounds (Organ, flute, acid guitar, pulsating bass, and pounding drums). It's a recipe that has patrons lined out the door for more. No point in tweaking that now. Given the improvisational nature of the concert, this album is entirely unique to the studio offerings, and as such, is a worthy investment on its own.

Personal collection
CD: 2016 Sound Effect (Greece)

As with all Agusa releases to date, the album was originally released on vinyl from Kommun 2. Which makes sense of course, since the owner of the label is the bass player. As noted above, the CD is from Greece, and comes in a nice over-sized cardboard mini-LP styled cover. It's available in two colors. Mine is blue, and that's my sole copy to date.

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