Xing Sa - Creation de L'Univers. 2010 France

Xing Sa - Creation de L'Univers. 2010 Soleil Zeuhl (CD)

Xing Sa is a new kollektiuw made up of members from the Zeuhl band Setna. This "brand name" as it were seems to have as its focus the music of Magma circa 1975 to 1977. That is to say, the post operatic Kohntarkosz sound, one that was heavily influenced by jazz fusion, as you'll find on albums from Live to Udu Wudu. Much of the music is driven by the patented thick and woody Zeuhl bass, and is overall heavy and energetic. There's also a strong atmospheric component that is blended throughout, recalling the spiritual quest Vander himself went through in this era, especially his continued fascination with John Coltrane (primarily in concept, not specific sound). Weidorje would be another good reference here. A very fine work, and let's hope this isn't a one-off activity - as was the case with Weidorje actually - as I personally found the music here better than the parent group Setna, who are also very good in their own right. Another fine release from the Soleil Zeuhl specialist label.

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