Think - Variety. 1973 Germany

Variety is a good title for this album. Not in the macro sense of the term, but rather within the tight confines that Think occupied. And that would be early 1970s Germany. There's a bit of that UK hard rock underground, as you would hear on a Nosferatu album for example. And then there's some of that stoned 1971 Krautrock sound, perhaps best exemplified on Virus' Revelation album. And going further, you can hear that patented unpolished progressive rock / Krautrock hybrid - like you might hear on the Erlkoenig album. So yes, this is definitely for fans who are digging deep into the Fatherland's copious mines. Not a good album for "album scanners" and "file collectors". It's definitely not an immediately likable work, but if you have absorbed the proper context, this album will reveal its strengths.

Personal collection
CD: 2002 Garden of Delights

Originals on Menga are very rare. I personally own the Garden of Delights CD which replaced the LP reissue on Little Wing (which had a different cover (second scan), per their ill-advised protocol). It's from the CD that we learn that the Little Wing LP was actually unauthorized. Not the label's fault (completely legitimate enterprise), but rather the unscrupulous dealings from the person who possessed (not owned) the master tapes. Apparently the same person then entered into a legal agreement with the members of the band and properly licensed the rights to Garden of Delights, and further with Amber Soundroom on their LP reissue.

The original features that all-important BBB styled cover: Bare Breasted Babes.

Last listen: November 4, 2016

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