The Way We Live - A Candle For Judith. 1971 England

The Way We Live was Version 1.0 of Tractor. A solid mix of prog, hard rock, psych, and folk is what you'll find in these grooves. Some really good ragers in 'King Dick II' and 'Willow', though most of the album could be considered somewhat mellow. Not a particularly riveting album, but not egregious either. Worth your time to hear for certain. They were to improve as Tractor, but the roots are clearly planted on A Candle for Judith.

Personal collection
CD: 1988 SPM (Germany)

The CD I own is a real crap job (no info, single card), and I really need to upgrade here. My experience with Ozit and their Tractor reissues is nothing but fantastic, and I'm sure that is the best route to take here. Originals are scarce and very expensive.

Last listen: July 31, 2016

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