Shingetsu - s/t. 1979 Japan

It all starts here when talking the 1980s Japanese symphonic progressive movement. While certainly Japan had tons of underground, hard rock, jazz, fusion, and psychedelic bands throughout the 70s, most of them were informed by the German Krautrock underground and UK hard rock bands, along with a strong amount of indigenous injection. This is a genre that is still being mined even today as I write this. But the more known 1980s Japanese music took the sounds of Genesis, Yes, and the European symphonic bands of Western Europe (Netherlands, France, Italy, etc...) for a new style of "warm" progressive rock. Mellotrons and melodies are where it's at with the new breed that came along, right at the time when the LP collector boom hit Tokyo by storm. But in 1979 Shingetsu still stood alone. It's Genesis filtered through that patented Japanese video game styled bounciness. If 'Oni' doesn't raise the goosebumps on your arm at least twice, you may want to consult your doctor. You may be missing your ability to feel.

Personal collection
CD: 1989 Victor

I've had this on CD since it first came out in 1989. The original vinyl was something of a legend back then, only because it was such an unknown and the mail order channels hadn't opened up yet.

Last listen: October 30, 2016

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