Red Sand - Mirror of Insanity. 2004 Canada

Canada's Red Sand are quite simply Script For a Jester's Tear era Marillion, right down to the Fish-like vocalist and album artwork. Which is fine with me, as I felt the early years of the neo-progressive movement held promise. And I never thought Marillion gave their more progressive side a chance and were too quick to embrace AOR styled music. Mirror of Insanity has a few new ideas to add and it's nice to hear a band tackle a genre that lost its way years ago. All the same, perhaps a bit more originality would have helped them here.

Their followup, Gentry, saw the band lose even more momentum in an already crowded marketplace, and my interest as well. Best to check out the debut and not look back. Keep expectations in check though. Execution meter scores high. Originality meter didn't move. And I decided to part with my copy...

Last listen: June 21, 2016

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