Radio Massacre International - Solid States. 2003 England

Solid States is made up of 4 live and studio concerts during November of 2002, performed in both Philadelphia and the Los Angeles area. This is one of Radio Massacre International's more psychedelic releases, and that's primarily due to the abundance of electric guitar. Basically what we have here are long journeys of Berlin School electronic music with fat analog sequencers, mellotron, and loud acid guitar solos. If this sounds like Encore era Tangerine Dream, including the concerts-in-the-USA theme, then yes, you have tracked the scent indeed. One cannot possibly get enough of 'Coldwater Canyon' in my book, and here you'll swim in roughly 2 and a half hours of it. Essential.

Personal collection
CD: 2003 Northern Echo

The above is a 2 CD set.

Last listen: May 26, 2016

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