People - Ceremony: Buddha Meet Rock. 1971 Japan

People's sole album is the "front door" for most folks hearing the Japanese underground sounds of 1971 for the first time. There were a series of albums from this era that mixed various indigenous cultural music with that of psychedelic rock. And almost all of them involved the "busiest man in Japan" - guitarist Kimio Mizutani, who seemingly played on an album a day back then. In this case, one hears the Tibetan Buddhist tradition blended with loose jams and fuzz guitar. In Japan, albums like this are often regarded as "exploitation" similar to what us Americans perceive albums like Psychedelia - A Musical Light Show to be. But to my ears, predictably I suppose being the xenophile I am, these albums are far more intriguing.

As an introduction to the style, Ceremony: Buddha Meet Rock is a good one. If looking to deep dive further, and in some cases better, I would suggest Primitive Community, the Rock Joint albums from Hiromasa Suzuki, Akira Ishikawa and the Count Buffaloes' African Rock, Naniwaya Tatsumaru & Warner Beatniks, and Azabu Ongaku Shudan (among others). Have fun!

Personal collection
CD: 2000 P-Vine

The original LP is impossibly rare as are all the original albums in this particular space (none could be found in Popsike for example). But it's had good reissue coverage, starting with the P-Vine CD release in 2000. This CD is rare in that the liner notes are in English and give a full explanation of the album and the tracks. Though as one RYM user states, there is no mention of the David Axelrod samples, which is very strange (perhaps they didn't know it either?).

Watch out for bootlegs of this title - as there are many. If it's not pressed in Japan, it is likely not authorized, including one LP from an otherwise legitimate enterprise, who shall remain nameless.

Last listen: November 4, 2016

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