Paride e gli Stereo 4 - Naufrago in Città. 1971 Italy

Paride e gli Stereo 4 - Naufrago in Città. 1971 Picci

CD reissue: 2002 Akarma (with La Seconda Genesi - Tutto Deve Finire)

LP reissue: 2014 Akarma

Almost 7 years to the day I promised I'd get around to this album alone, and separated from La Seconda Genesi. No time like the present, eh?

An interesting album from 1971 that supposedly was recorded before La Seconda Genesi's classic. One of the rarest albums on the planet (as is Seconda Genesi), but it's not really progressive rock, so definitely prepare yourself for the proper expectation. The music is all instrumental, and is primarily acoustic guitar with flute, and some organ accents. Very pleasant, and at times, recalls Era di Acquario's more serene moments. A fine album.

Originals are in the 4 figure range, so best to stick with the reissue here. The Akarma CD (third scan) comes in a thick tri-fold "Karma-Pak" with liner notes in Italian. The CD is a vinyl transfer. Though it does appear to be with band involvement in this case.

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