Pan & Regaliz- s/t. 1971 Spain

If someone blindfolded me and asked where this band was from, I'd say Germany around 1971 or so. There's almost nothing here to point to its Spanish heritage, not even towards other bands operating in those days under the Franco regime. No, this is squarely in the Krautrock school of music, with flute as the lead melodic instrument, some droning-almost spoken vocals, and at least one freaky jam. A mixture of Rufus Zuphall, first album Mythos, Haze and even some early Amon Duul II can be heard here.

Personal collection
LP: 2000 Wah Wah

Gatefold originals are very rare and sought after. The 1979 reissue comes in a single sleeve. The Wah Wah reissue restores the FOC to glory.

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