Opus 1 - Opus. 1983 Germany

Opus (aka Pur) were an obscure German band from the early 80s who released this one quite intriguing album. Imagine Marillion doing their updated take-on-Genesis bit, but as a Neue Deutsche Welle band singing in German, rather than as a neo prog outfit. Yea, I know, but try.... There..... Now you get it... right? There's even mellotron on a few tracks. Jeez, these guys were hedging bets all over the place.

Personal collection

Discogs has the original as 1981, and RYM as 1983. The latter is the copyright date on the CD, and the music certainly sounds more like 1983 to me. I had no idea it was already reissued on CD, because of the name switch. Discogs put that together for me (RYM doesn't list it). I'm not sure it's worth pursuing to be honest, but an interesting album all the same. I'd keep the CD if it showed up. They should have stuck with the original artwork though.


  1. Some comments on Opus:

    opus where a band that was based on a chance meeting of some musicians on a "Anyone's Daughter"

    They formed a band on the impression of that concert, and the sounded indeed somewhat like a lite version of "Anyone's daughter".

    They released two albums as Opus (the second one is called "Vorsicht Zerbrechlich!" (Attention Fragile), to absolut no recognition.

    Then there was a band from Austria also called Opus that had a huge No. 1 hit in Germany (I totally hate that song)(by the way the Opus of Austria started in a somewhat "Styx" like vein).

    So the German Opus renamed the band into "Pur".

    And "Pur" became huuuuuuuge in Germany (they might be called the number one German singing Pop/Rock band here). They would easily outsell any stadium Germany has to offer.

    To gibe some impressions:

    A track from the first Opus album on the warum up:

    A track of what they became famous with on the actual concert:

    So, nobody in Germany knows who opus where (of course I ´have the original LP), but everybody knows who "PUR" are.


  2. That's very interesting. Thanks TheH for the insight!


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