Opa - Goldenwings. 1976 Uruguay

If you read enough of my reviews (painful as it may be), you'll note I often refer to certain fusion albums as "light, breezy, and tropical". One would have to go to great lengths to find a more apt group that fits this description than Uruguay's Opa. These terms should not be viewed upon as a pejorative however. When done right, as is the case on Goldenwings, the results can be sublime. The melodies are superb here, and I find the songwriting to be considerably above average. This is a borderline 4 star release, and the only thing holding it back is the stubborn reliance on certain late 70s cliches and tonalities. Overall, Goldenwings makes a fine soundtrack to your next Love Boat excursion, whether on a tropical island or watching it on TV...

Personal collection
CD: 1996 BMG (Argentina)

In addition to a native press, originals can be found in the US and Japan. I added the BMG disc to Discogs a few months back and I remain the sole owner and contributor. However, 3 have since added it to their want list.

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