Nu - A Golpe de Latigo. 1979 Spain

Ñu - A Golpe de Latigo. 1979 Chapa Discos

LP reissues: 1986 Zafiro; 1988 Chapa Discos

CD reissues: 1991 Zafiro; 2002 Zafiro

Ñu's sophomore effort A Golpe de Látigo sees the band streamlining their sound further, as the music here is heavier and more compact than their stunning debut. All the same, Ñu is still very much a progressive rock band with Jose Carlos Molina continuing to sport a mean flute, and the violin touches have yet to disappear. But for 1979, this is an incredibly heavy album. The raw proto-metal guitar sound, and the Halford-esque en Español shrieks of Molina, all have a passing resemblance to same era Judas Priest. So imagine perhaps Ian Anderson walking into the studio for the Hell Bent for Leather sessions, while contributing to the songwriting - and after listening to a Bloque album perhaps - and you have an idea of what Ñu has accomplished here. Groundbreaking stuff.

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