Morse Code - Je Suis le Temps. 1977 Canada

Je Suis le Temps is the 3rd album by the renovated Morse Code sans Transmission band. Recorded in England with the hopes that they would somehow break out with an international hit record (and sung in French? Yea, good luck with that). Fortunately for the historical journal, they did sing in their native tongue, and the album avoids most of the pitfalls that befell many a great group before them. Je Suis le Temps is streamlined, but subtle. Despite the language, Morse Code are Anglicizing their sound, which sounds awkward. The pop bits seem forced, and the band's heart isn't into it. The good news is that almost every song wrestles out of its tight grip to let out a fine instrumental progressive passage. Even their homage to the disco mirror ball 'Picadilly Circus' (sic) has glorious mellotron, which by the way is all over this album like a dense fog. The beautiful 'Sommeil' recalls early PFM and is the highlight track of a very good, though not great, album. File next to Le Match's sole album.

Personal collection
CD: 2007 ProgQuebec

Like most major label albums from Quebec, original LPs are easy to find. The CD on ProgQuebec is excellent, containing liner notes unique to this particular album, with photos and a nice sound. No bonus tracks could be found.

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