Locomotive - s/t. 1993 Canada

Well done avant prog from Montreal, with a psychedelic edge, which is somewhat unusual for the era and genre. While avant-prog can often be bogged down by a weighty academic disposition, Locomotive aren't afraid to rock out on occasion, and will even throw in some funk bits. I was most reminded of France's Philharmonie, though a bit less stilted.

Personal collection
CD: 1993 Ambiances Magnetiques

A little bit of discography cleanup here. The band is clearly noted in the liner notes, disc, and packaging as Locomotive, not as a solo title by guitarist Andre Duchesne. The only time his name is separated out is on the front right corner, where they splash Duchesne, perhaps as an advertisement to those in-the-know. In addition, the disc is copyrighted 1992, though the liner notes mention that recordings concluded in January 1993. So 1993 seems to be a reasonable date, and certainly not 1991 as noted on RYM (nor 1992 on Discogs, which I have since fixed myself).

Last listen: July 1, 2016

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