Kjol - Take It On. 1979 Switzerland

Kjol were a Swiss based jazz rock quartet, lead by renowned saxophonist Brigeen Doran, and her brother Dave on drums. That would be her image on the front cover. Kjol is a Swedish word for "skirt", so it appears this is how the band wanted to announce their feminine leanings. Whether it was an inside joke, or a sincere defiant statement, it's safe to say the moniker hasn't aged well in these politically correct times.

Musically, Kjol are playing a mid 70s styled jazz rock, as one might hear on the German MPS label during this era. Other than the somewhat trite funky opener, the remainder is long form, sax driven, heavy fusion with some fine guitar and keyboard leads. A good one for the genre, and a new addition for my Kraut Fusion list!

Last listen: September 5, 2016

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