Jane - III. 1974 Germany

Hanover's finest come back with their 3rd album, a marked changed from the blues rock of Here We Are and further from the Krautrock sounds of the debut. Keyboards were a big part of Jane's early day (and latter day) music, and with those out of the way, the band got down to a straightforward hard rock style. Like their neighbors, the Scorpions, Jane was gobbled up for international release - including the USA. Jane got a slot on Capitol while the Scorpions found themselves on RCA. Well we know who won that battle, now don't we? Even still, their albums aren't that far apart in terms of general mindset. With Uli Roth on board, the Scorpions did not let go of their psychedelic past for many years. And the same can be said for Jane here, and tracks like 'Comin' Again', and the first three songs on Side 2 are all winners that point out that, yes, Jane are a Krautrock band indeed. The music is still drenched in psychedelics and phasing, and there's much to enjoy here. Given that they got booted off the US roster in one year, Jane began to look toward Pink Floyd for inspiration going forward. So an interesting one-off experiment from Jane, whose 15 minutes of fame in the US were used up. A good hard rock album on the whole, but often times misunderstood given Jane's progressive rock pedigree.

Personal collection
LP: 1974 Brain
CD: 2004 Brain/SPV

Jane III basically stayed in print throughout the original Brain Records life cycle (Green Metronome, Green, Orange/Multi-color, Black). However on the CD front it was bootleg city until Repertoire came in with their first set of fine reissues of the Brain label. The LP is generally easy to find, especially the US version, but it did take me awhile to secure the original Green Brain Metronome gatefold version in nice condition. The 2004 CD is a digi-pak with full liners, the same as used for the Repertoire CD.

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