Iron Butterfly - Heavy. 1968 USA

Iron Butterfly's debut is often flogged because of what came after it, not because of the album itself. The weighty expectations of a much forgotten album, and in retrospect, isn't heavy in the slightest. As stated elsewhere, heavy didn't mean "heavy metal" in 1968. Even philosophically no one will ever accuse Iron Butterfly of being Descartes. But that doesn't mean that the group didn't release a competent, if not extraordinary, late 60s psych release. There are 4 really solid tracks here in 'Possession', 'Unconscious Power', 'You Can't Win', and 'Iron Butterfly Theme' with fine organ, guitar, and vocals. Sure, there's some filler here too. Honestly, rare is the US major label psych album which didn't have filler. Keep expectations in check, and I think you'll find Heavy an album worthy of your time.

Personal collection
CD: 2009 Victor (Japan)

The above CD is a mini-LP.

Last listen: July 11, 2016

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