Inserts - Out of the Box. 1983 USA

A very interesting instrumental album from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Inserts are an improvisational guitar based trio, with a clear understanding of the value of a good production. The guitar is distinctly from the Fripp school, including the angry atonal fuzz tone. The bass work has an almost Zeuhl quality about it, though it doesn't rumble along the rhythm like Paganotti or Top would do. These kind of albums didn't typically exist in 1983, but other than the occasional Starless and Bible Black reference, I would say that the Inserts were ahead of their time. You could convince me a band such as Djam Karet may have stumbled onto their album in a used bin somewhere.

Personal collection
LP: 1983 Nozzle

The album was pressed in Japan and released on their own label here in America. It's a first class job all the way. No CD reissues exists as I write this.

Last listen: 2008

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