Golden Dragon - s/t. 1981 USA

I had wondered what had happened to any of the members from the San Francisco based Filipino community band Dakila. In my mind, they were close to the top of the stack when talking Latin rock as first proposed by Santana. So I was thrilled to see the connection here, on this fine effort by the very obscure Golden Dragon.

In 1981, you still had a few artists hanging onto the original Jimi Hendrix experience as it were. Most notably Frank Marino, but even Robin Trower with his Victims of the Fury, paid homage. Of course, by 1981, this type of music was just as informed by 70s hard rock as it was late 60s heavy psych. And this is where Golden Dragon finds their sound as well. Perhaps fellow San Francisco artist Leland provides another guidepost. There was much more of this type of music to be found in the clubs of the day, but very little recorded material. A nice little LP, that could certainly use a reissue. The album is only 26 minutes, so hopefully there's more in the can, as they say.

From an original LP standpoint, this is one confusing release. There are multiple covers, some are just 45 singles taken from the LP. The second cover is the most common, and it's a one sided LP "single" (33 RPM). An ebay auction informs us: "GD 1027.  Rare San Francisco private press hard rock record from guitarist/bassist Freddy Mabuhay.  This is a one song record.  Side 2 is blank....  ...Front and back covers were originally the same but a paste-on picture and information sheet was added to the back cover.  Record label has two cutouts (looks like someone did this by hand with a razor blade), one of which has 12" SINGLE TOO LATE stamped on it." When he says "one song", is it just 'Too Late', or does it have the full EP on it anyway? I dunno.

The first cover I think is the original. It's a regular two sided LP and is definitely the most expensive. This is a perfect candidate for a CD reissue with bonus tracks and liner notes to explain what the heck is going on!

Last listen: September 5, 2016

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