Dragonwyck - s/t. 1970 USA

Dragonwyck - s/t. 1970 private

LP reissues: 1990 Rockadelic; 2004 World in Sound (Germany); 2008 World in Sound (Germany); 2014 World in Sound (Germany)

CD reissues: 1996 Rockadelic; 2004 World in Sound (Germany); 2008 World in Sound (Germany)

Superb heavy psych from Cleveland circa 1970. The influence of the Doors looms large here, mostly because of the vocal tenor, but far more heavy and psychedelic than that may imply on first blush. One could also see this album as a precursor to the Phantom Divine's Comedy album that was to be released 4 years later. They too (Walpurgis) were a Midwest band operating in a similar hazy and mysterious hard rocking psych territory. Essential listening for those who enjoy that unique sounding crossover from 60s psych to 70s hard rock.

The Rockadelic reissue (2nd scan) is taken straight from one of the few demo LPs in existence, and it has crackle because of it. The first CD reissue was horrible sounding, so I sold it, And it's my understanding that the World in Sound ones are no better (3rd scan), but I haven't heard them to be fair.

My LP copy is #308, and was a gift handed to me directly from Rockadelic label owner Rich Haupt back in 1990. Kindness like that is not forgotten, and as such the album will stay with me to the end of days.


  1. They had a second album, pressed only as an acetate, "Dragonwyck II". I think it's better than the first, more prog than psych with a strong Moody Blues influence. Also unreleased tracks from 1974 exist, they have been released by World in Sound under the name "Fun".

    1. I agree Spyros. I actually did write about that one for Gnosis and published here about 7 years ago: http://unencumberedmusicreviews.blogspot.com/2010/02/dragonwyck-chapter-2-1973-usa.html


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