Coeur Magique - Wakan Tanka. 1971 France

Guitarist Claude Olmos was later to be enshrined into the collective hearts and minds of Zeuhl fans everywhere as the guitarist on Magma's mythical Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh album, but you would never know he was destined for such a fate by this recording. Coeur Magique is another kind of rare breed: That of the French psychedelic record. Whereas most French bands in 1971 were emulating what was happening over the Channel - and singing in English - Coeur Magique reached further back in time and space - to that of the late 60s American heavy psych scene. What you have here is a late-to-the-dinner-party album recalling Iron Butterfly, Sir Lord Baltimore, Hendrix, even a bit of Santana, all sung in French mind you. Solid album throughout (though it barely clears 30 minutes), and somewhat out of alignment with both time and place, which makes it even that much more interesting. Those who scan 30 albums a day looking to be "wowed" would probably be better served to move on, but for the deep divers, this one is a definite pickup.

Personal collection
LP: 1971 BYG
CD: 1997 Spalax

Originals are housed in a fine gatefold. Despite the fact that the only CD is now 20 years old, copies can still be found easily.

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