Cai - Noche Abierta. 1980 Spain

Cai are from the beautiful Andalusian city of Cadiz, and their sound very much represents the region it originates from. Noche Abierta is their second album, and first for major label CBS/Epic. Cai's music is one of the more overtly flamenco influenced albums with dramatic Arabian vocals, Spanish guitar, and the irregular rhythms associated with the art form. The rock elements are brought forth with stinging electric guitar, choppy piano, and the driving bass and drums. The majority of the keyboards come from a variation of the ARP String Synthesizer, and are a bit thin sounding to modern ears. Overall the album is a fine mixture of flamenco, jazz fusion, and progressive rock. The latter represented most by the closing 'La Roca del Diablo'. A very good album for those predisposed to the southern Spanish style of progressive rock, which includes this listener. Otherwise, Noche Abierta is unlikely to be the album to sway one's opinion in its direction.

Personal collection
LP: 1980 Epic
CD: 1995 Sony w/Cancion De La Primavera

Originals come in a fine gatefold.

Last listen: July 7, 2016

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