Blast Furnace - s/t. 1971 Denmark

When I first purchased the Long Hair CD of Blast Furnace, not long after its initial release, I wasn't too impressed and sold it off rather quickly. I had a chance recently to source one inexpensively, so I decided to revisit again. This time I hear the album much better than prior. Of course any appreciation of an album such as this is to immerse oneself into the culture from which it came. In this case, 1971 Denmark. Blast Furnace's reputation, at least among well-heeled collectors, is that of a heavy psych rock masterpiece. It's not that, but what you do get is a well composed and performed set of hard rock, psychedelic, and just plain old rock tunes with guitar, organ, and flute leading the way. Highlights include the opening two tracks, the proggy 'Toytown' and the superb single cut 'Long Distance'. There's nothing here that is offensively bad, though there are interludes and short pieces that are superfluous at best. File along with other bands of its ilk like Midnight Sun, Alrunes Rod, Hurdy Gurdy, and Day of Phoenix. Most of the band found themselves in latter incarnations of Culpeper's Orchard, another good reference point. This album won't change your world, but definitely a good fit for any hard/psych rock collection.

Personal collection
CD: 2002 Long Hair (Germany)

Original LPs are very rare and expensive. Probably best to stick with the reissues in this case.

Last listen: July 19, 2016

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