Abiogenesi - Le Notti di Salem. 2000 Italy

I wasn’t expecting much after being underwhelmed by Abiogenesi's first 2 albums. Careful inspection shows the band had recruited winds player Clive Jones for this album, an original member of the British band Black Widow (and perhaps the blueprint group for the same-titled label). To me, this seems like a more professional recording than before. And perhaps because I understand more what they are trying to accomplish, I can appreciate this outing a bit more than prior. Really, it’s not much more than old fashioned UK heavy rock (sung in Italian mind you) with progressive touches such as (sampled) mellotron, organ, flute, acoustic guitar, and vibes. So classic Italian progressive rock it’s not, but then again no bands up to that point on the Black Widow label were so anyway (they've since added a few). Highlights are the fine guitar work augmented by some well chosen Hammond sounds. The vocals, fortunately in Italian but infrequent, aren’t award winning but not too hard to digest. If there’s a problem here, it’s that the drummer plays it too nonchalantly. This kind of music requires a hyperactive base, with fills galore.

I should probably revisit their earlier albums. I haven't heard them since they came out real time in the mid 90s. They also have a couple of other albums since this one I wouldn't mind hearing.

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CD: 2000 Black Widow

Last listen: October 13, 2016

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  1. I revisited the first three Abiogenesi albums one year ago. The debut was upgraded to my ears. Glad I've kept it...


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