You - Electric Day. 1979 Germany

Honestly, You's Electric Day represents the perfected rock form of electronic music, which unfortunately had so few examples such as this. The sequencers and Moog solos give it the Berlin School street cred, while the psychedelic guitars and manic drumming recall Germany's underground from a decade earlier. A window into what Tangerine Dream's Force Majeure lineup could have accomplished had they stuck with it. Sigh. Grab a hold of what you can, as there's very little of it to go around I'm afraid to say.

Personal collection
CD: 1996 Cue

The Cain label was one of Germany's great unsung imprints.They had a lot of these type of albums that flew way under the radar back in the day. The third scan is the Rock City issue, which I didn't know existed until researching this entry. The CD is part of a 5 CD set called Era. It had been long OOP, so the Bureau B reissues are most welcome, and include significant bonus tracks.

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