Xhol - Altena 1970. Germany

Xhol - Altena 1970. Archival

CD issue: 2006 Garden of Delights

Like with Soft Machine, Xhol has a tremendous amount of interesting archival material, given their improvisational nature. Similarly, they suffer from the same problem as the Softs do, and that is many of these releases run into each other. If you are to only obtain one I'd suggest the Motherf*ckers Live set (1968-1969) from United Durtro. But if wanting more of that vintage Krautrock jazz rock sound, live and in color, Altena 1970 is a fine representative. It meanders and wanders for much of its duration, but that's what the concert ticket bought you. Authentic to the core.

Garden of Delights is to be commended for their relentless efforts to release so much material from the great Xhol Caravan. The CD gives you the maximum amount of minutes, and there's a wealth of historical info in the liner notes.

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