Sinister Street - Trust. 2002 Netherlands

There have been so many neo prog bands coming from the Netherlands in the last 30 years, one has to wonder if the genre isn't a major component of the country's GNP. Like many post-Marillion bands, Sinister Street balance Genesis-like (lite?) (pseudo) progressive rock with traditional radio friendly AOR. I guess the big question here is: Who listens to the radio anymore? Despite what it might seem reading my profile and reviews, I'm no "prog snob". In fact, I'm quite fond of the Neo Prog genre, especially in its earliest incarnation when better known as the New Wave of British Progressive Rock - and the subsequent followers of said movement (Collage's Basnie sends chills up my spine, for example). But while some bands chose the progressive angle, others took the more simple broad stroke composition style (vocal-chorus-instrumental-vocal-chorus-epilog). One style is not better than the other, of course, objectively speaking. All the same, subjectively speaking, this album is a bit straightforward for my tastes at the very least. There are some fine moments, as you can see from my track ratings, but mostly this album is for a different audience than I. As such, I did move out the CD.

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