Siloah - Sukram Gurk. 1972 Germany

Siloah's second album translates to the "Markus Krug" album, who is the resident drummer this time around. Basically what we have here is long form organ jams in a 1972 Krautrock setting. There are worse ideas than that. Low budget recording gives it the underground badge, though one wishes Conny Plank or Dieter Dirks would walk in and save the day. No such luck. Much - much - different from their anarchic folk debut, and one wonders why they didn't change their name. Hardcore Gunderground here.

Personal collection
CD: 1999 Garden of Delights

Originals are super rare. With both Siloah albums, I wasn't impressed initially, and sold the Lost Pipedreams CDs not long after acquiring.  I recently sourced both of the GoD CDs at a good price, and that proved to be a good move. As always, copious liner notes are provided. Surprisingly, this title has never been reissued on vinyl, and I would expect there to be a market for such.

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