Sieges Even - A Sense of Change. 1991 Germany

My initial reaction to this album was very similar to many reviews you may read - except real time in 1992. To my ears back then, Sieges Even were a prog thrash, or perhaps more to the point, technical metal band who did a fantastic replication / variation on what Watchtower was doing here in the States. Steps was a radical departure from Life Cycle (see the UMR entry for it), so they did tip their hand a bit as to where they were going.

But I never saw this one coming. It was not what I had expected - nor wanted - at the time. I ditched it quick, and left rather unflattering ratings behind. Fast forward another 25 years or so, and I had a chance to source the original SPV CD on the cheap, so why not take another shot at it? (especially considering I do enjoy the 2 albums that followed after). As the other reviews have stated so well, A Sense of Change is very much in league with mid 80s era Rush. Except far more technical, and "progressive" if you will. In fact, it's not metal at all, at least if heavy sound distortion is a criteria for said sound. Now I hear the album completely different, and is very enjoyable. A few nods to overt commercialism is the only thing holding this back from 4 stars. But there are some splendid songs here - particularly 'Prime'.

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CD: 1991 Steamhammer

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  1. Somehow Sieges Even never clicked with me. Owned their first two once; "Steps" for the times was an impressive Rush meets King Crimson effort but it lacked soul in my opinion.


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