Sieges Even - Life Cycle. 1988 Germany

Let's make it two in a row. What I said about Starcastle could apply here. Two entirely different genres, same beef. If you were looking for a technical metal album in 1988, you could seek out Watchtower... or Sieges Even*. Watchtower was first, therefore Sieges Even sucks. Huh? Nonsense of course. I'm a huge Watchtower fan, but for my Deutsche Marks, Life Cycle is the superior album. The compositions are just as dense, but the sound is heavier and the breaks are catchier. Sure lead singer Franz Herde shrieks like a zoo animal in pain, but that was the expected style-of-the-genre. It's not like Alan Tecchio sounded like Tony Bennett. It actually adds to the overall vibe of the organized chaos. I bought the LP not long after release, and it remains one of my all-time favorite metal albums. It's aged very well. The band were to change dramatically from here, never really regaining a foothold into tech metal again.

*It was actually called "Technical Metal" back then (not Tech Thrash). Check out some old Metal Forces mags if you don't believe me. I was a fan of the style from the get, so I was most interested in other bands similar.

Personal collection
LP: 1988 Steamhammer
CD: 1988 Steamhammer

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